There was another good turnout at Seascale Golf Club for Wednesday’s Mixed Tee medal, with 156 members enjoying fine weather.

There were six prizes per division. The division one players returned a remarkable 17 sub par rounds, where Terry Conaghan’s nett 67 off 4 handicap earned him first place on countback from Jack Stubbings (4). Craig Roberts (11) and Tim Goddard (8) took third and fourth, both on 68.

Callum Jennings (18) returned nett 65, the day's best, to win division two. He was followed by Tony Newton (15)67, Dave Birkett (13)69 and John Brocklebank (16)69. Nett 67 continued to be a popular score as Connor Lloyd (20) and David Raynor (19) claimed first and second in division three. Jeff Kilgour (23)69 and John Hawkins (21)69 following. The course yielded nine twos.

The August Monthly Medal attracted 133 members in breezy conditions and David Kilgour (5)68 won division one from Scott Mahaffy (1)69. Andy Wallace (4) also on 69 took third with Lewis Baker (6) and Stephen Sharpe (7) both on 70, taking the last two places.

Rob Blythe (11) with the best 69 won the second division from Robert Temple (12). Dave Jackman (13), Tim Parker (14) and Patrick Wood (10) all returned rounds of 71 to take the remaining placings.

Jointly, with the day’s best of 66, David Morgan (24) and Dave Linklater (21) took first and second in division three with John Brocklebank (16)69, John Martindale (15)69 and John Parsons (15) mopping up the last three prizes. Floyd Hewitson and Andy Wallace each got two of the 13 twos returned.

This was the ninth round of 19 for the Aggregate Medal, but no one has yet completed the necessary nine rounds.