Tuesday saw a return to Wardhall for the third meeting where Alan Blacklock’s Babycham held on well to beat previous winner Caroline Clough and Barry Laidler’s Best Mate with Glenis and Ray Farren’s Mystery bound in third.

The pups saw a repeat of the first time round where Sharon Taylor and Nicola and Darren McMaster’s Silver Mist held on strongly to beat kennelmate Silver Dancer with Keith Lynch’s Wait and See in third.

The competitive open maidens saw a victory for Tony and Connor Irving’s Tom Thumb who dominated, beating Cracking Spirit and Oakbank Izzy.

Thursday saw a return to Wardhall for the last in the present series where Sophie Steele’s Miterdale Shadow gained his second win of the 2020 campaign in comfortable style ahead of Nicola McMaster and Joseph Abram’s Silver Dusk and Bill Mellon’s Cracking Last One.

The pups produced an exciting finish with any one of four in with a chance. A final last surge on the line saw Ellie and Grace Napier’s Foxpark Bugaboo take the spoils ahead of kennelmates Silver Mist and Silver Dancer.

The open restricted saw Lee and Hayley Wall’s Denton Balboa dominate proceedings from start to finish ahead of Ian Fleet and Jayne Petersen’s Solitaire and Andy Horn’s Showbiz.

The veterans saw a one-two for Martin and Molly Burrow and Jojo Satterthwaite’s Thorn Fire and Thorn Dancer with Jenny Horn’s Spring Dazzler in third.

Sunday's trip to Helton which is to the be venue of the Bitch Produce in Septembersaw 24 seniors run with victory going to Sophie and Miterdale Shadow ahead of Ian Donaldson’s Miterdale Steel with Denise Bland’s Huntsman’s Nimrod third.

In the pups at least 20 could have taken the win however disaster struck as they all proceeded to run up the road in what was to be a chaotic and unjudged finish.

Only one hound stuck to the trail and fought his way up the finish to take the win for Graham Reid as Biff was hailed the hero. Lisa Whitfield’s Black Edition was a distance away to claim second and Graham Thornton’s Grange Rose in third.

The open maidens was dominated by Michelle Addison and David Clifford’s Eden Raya who won in a large field of 50 ahead of Mike Watson’s Persian Jewel and Peter Green’s Super Sun.

Monday saw a return to Potter’s Park where 2019 senior champion Evie and Jonty Moore's Crazy opened her 2020 campaign to win from Denis Pear’s Hawkswood and Alan Blacklock’s Limber.

The pups saw previous winner Denise Bland’s Jenny’s Quest win ahead of Foxpark Bugaboo and Foxpark Jog On. The open maidens saw delight for Erin Rowlandson as Blue Bolt beat Tony Jackson and Ian Rudd’s Kinniside Molly with Evie and Jonty’s Escape in third.


Thurs 23 – Dearham, H, P, OR V (6.00); Sat 25 – New House, Lorton H, P, OM, V (5.00); Sun 26 – Helton H, M, P, ONW, AI (1.00); Tues 28 – Bridekirk H, P, OR (6.00); Wed 29 – Cold Fell H, P, OM, OR (6.00); Thurs 30 - The Flatts, Grasmere H, P, OM (6.30).



Hounds: 1. Crazy 2. Hawkswood 3. Limber 4. Kinniside Sam 5. Kinniside Mick 6. Jenny’s Oracle 6 ran

Pups: 1. Jenny’s Quest 2. Foxpark Bugaboo 3. Foxpark Jog on 4. Miss Ava 5. Foxpark Gooie Louie 6. Tiny Tim 6 ran

Open Maidens: 1. Blue Bolt 2. Kinniside Molly 3. Escape 4. Kinniside Meg 5. Ladybird 6. Foxpark Twilight 6 ran


Hounds: 1, Miterdale Shadow; 2, Miterdale Steel; 3, Huntsman’s Nimrod; 4, Best Mate; 5, Cracking Last One; 6, Acorn. 24 ran, time 32.07

Pups: 1, Biff; 2, Black Edition; 3, Grange Rose; 4, Estefan; 5, Sue; 6, Debonair. 35 ran, Time 21.47

Open Maidens: 1: Eden Raya; 2, Persian Jewel; 3, Super Sun; 4, Artemis; 5, Tremor; 6, Overwater Robert. 50 ran, time 18.46

All-In: 1, New Agenda; 2, Nashville; 3, Bob; 4, Denton Balboa; 5, Copperfield; 6, Adele. 31 ran, time 18.31


Hounds: 1, Miterdale Shadow; 2, Silver Dusk; 3, Cracking Last One; 4, Babycham; 5, Cuckoo Lane; 6, Mystery Bound. 12 ran, time 26.59

Pups: 1, Foxparke Bugaboo; 2, Silver Mist; 3, Silver Dancer; 4, Meadow Misty; 5, Wait ‘n’ See; 6, Shiraz. 19 ran, time 16.54

Open Restricted: 1, Denton Balboa; 2, Solitaire; 3, Showbiz; 4, Hunter’s Flame; 5, Overwater Robert; 6, Muse. 17 ran, time 16.00

Veterans: 1, Thorn Fire; 2, Thorn Dancer; 3, Spring Dazzler; 4, Marlou; 5, Starlight; 6, McCoy. 7 ran, time 16.53


Hounds: 1, Babycham; 2, Best Mate; 3, Mystery Bound; 4, Silver Dusk; 5, General James; 6, Miterdale Shadow. 13 ran, time 26.35

Pups: 1, Silver Mist; 2, Silver Dancer; 3, Wait ‘n’ See; 4, Cracking Last One Two; 5, Meadow Misty; 6, Shiraz. 11 ran, time 16.41

Open Maidens: 1, Tom Thumb; 2, Cracking Spirit; 3, Oakbank Izzy; 4, Solitaire; 5, Blue Bolt; 6, Artemis. 17 ran, time 16.30

All-In: 1, Release the Beast; 2, Bob; 3, Apache; 4, Hunter’s Flame; 5, Kaiser Sosa; 6, Captain Jack. 7 ran, time 16.42.