Craig Morrow emerged from a 72-strong field to clinch the title of Seascale Golf Club champion for the second year in a row.

In a close fought final round, Morrow (0) won with rounds of 71+69 =140. Three behind, David Cooper (1) was runner-up with rounds of 72+71=143.

Craig Durham (11) assumed the nett champion’s crown with rounds of 70+65 = 135, with David Kelly (8) with 66+71 = 137 as his runner-up.

Aaron Lewthwaite (1) won the first round gross prize with a round of 72 while Jack Hunter (1) took round two gross with 70. Finally the round one nett prize went to Paul Knott (12)67, while Scott Fowler (27)70 picked up the round two nett prize.

There were 25 twos recorded with Keith Hunt getting a Hole in One at the 8th.

There was another full field of 178 members for Wednesday’s Mixed Tee Stableford. The day’s best went to Simon O’Kane (8) whose 44pts won him division one from Patrick Wood (11)42, Louie Henderson (6)41 and Jack Stubbings (4)41. Ben Jacques (18) came good to take first place in division two with 42pts. He was followed by Paul Brennan (12)41, James Edwards (17) and Jackie Wroe (13) both on 40pts. Neil Atkinson (20)42 and Adam Meagan (24)41, Alexander Hodgson (27)40 and Wayne Howland (20)39 took first and second, third and fourth in division three. There were 13 twos with Dave Jenkinson and John Taylor picking up two apiece.