Two local clubs have cancelled their planned breeder/buyer auctions because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Harrington Central were due to hold their sale in the Boating Club on Sunday, while Workington Victoria had their event booked for Friday, March 27.

However, the Victoria club are organising a Breeder ring race which, if racing gets the go-ahead, will be taking place from Stafford.

The old bird programme should have started on Easter Saturday (April 11) but has now been put back a fortnight, although that date will continue to be reviewed by the RPRA until then.

In the hope that things will be back to normal, the Breeder ring race will be open to all members of the West Cumbria Amalgamation.

The entry fee is £20 a ring and is limited to two rings per member.

Competitors must send their number of entries, with the appropriate entry fee, to the Victoria secretary Les Blacklock by April 7.

All relevant ring numbers must also be confirmed with the secretary by July 1.

There is also the opportunity for members to make money for charity or their local school through the race.

Blacklock said: “All WCA members can also enter a pigeon on behalf of a local school or charity.

"The fancier races the pigeon but any prize money would go to the nominated school or charity.”