Whitehaven-born Andy Coyles has resigned as Penrith AFC manager.

Coyles announced the surprise news today in a long statement on his Twitter account. Coyles, who is also head coach of the England Universities football side, says he has enjoyed his time at the Northern League, Division One club, but feels now is the right time to leave, although he says he will continue to work in football.

“It’s with sadness that I write to confirm that, as of this afternoon, I have resigned from my position as head coach of Penrith Football Club,” Coyles said.

“I have enjoyed my time here at Penrith but I believe, after careful consideration, it’s the right time to stand down in my role and explore other opportunities, continuing to work in football.

“I would like to take this opportunity to say that making this decision has been difficult, as working at Penrith has been such a positive and memorable experience - and one which I have enjoyed. I feel that I have been able to provide the club with a blueprint surrounding the requirements needed in order to become a successful Northern League side that can, not only survive in the league, but can also compete with the very best, on and off the field.

“However, in order for that to be both achievable and sustainable, the club must look to improve in a number of areas that I have addressed and discussed over the last two seasons.”

Coyles added: “As I’ve said from day one at the club, in order to be successful not just in football but in life, you need to treat people with respect, show humility towards others and treat people how you wish to be treated.

“In order for the club to move forward, it’s important that all three senior teams promote these principles to the younger generation, encouraging complete buy-in from both the coaching staff and the players.

"With the right personnel in place, the club should be able to look forward to some exciting years ahead, where the current junior sides have the potential to be future stars down at Frenchfields [Park].

“Good luck and best wishes to everyone involved at Penrith Football Club.”

Coyles lasted a little over a year at the helm with the Bonny Blues, who are second bottom in Northern League, Division One.