A CLEATOR Moor bodybuilder’s British novice title win has earned him a shot at the World Championship.

James Gearing, who trains at the Powerhouse Gym in Hensingham, won the International Bodybuilding and Fitness Association British title in the novice class in Gateshead on June 9.

He was in such impressive shape that he has been asked to compete for England at the World Championship in Rome despite there being no novice class in that competition.

Personal trainer Gearing, who is originally from Mirehouse, admitted it had been tough to come out on top against a high level of competition.

He said: “It was a class standard.

“My kids were there for the first time. Taking them to the finals and winning the championship, it was an emotional day.”

The World Championship will take place in Rome, home to some of bodybuilding’s most historic shows.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Gearing added.

He was introduced to bodybuilding by Powerhouse owner Ian Chambers, initially training just to improve his physique.

Chambers encouraged him to compete and now gives Gearing guidance on nutrition, training secrets and the work ethic that it takes to win a bodybuilding show.

Training incorporates both heavy lifting and time under tension; in the off-season Gearing can afford to lift heavy for size but when the competition gets close, he focuses on staying lean.

Competitors go through a weight cut in the days leading up to the show, dehydrating their bodies to ensure that every muscle is visible.

He uses a variety of techniques when lifting weights to get the most out of his physique.

He said: “It’s not what you lift, it’s how you lift it.

“If you stretch and squeeze and you do it correctly, you will grow.”

Gearing is looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of his trip to Rome to compete later this year.

For more information, call into the Powerhouse Gym.