LOWCA athletics star Jack Piggott is making his way up through the field –locally and nationally.

The 10-year-old is currently top of the county and ranked nationally in the javelin despite only starting training last year.

Jack, of Lowca Community School, only got into athletics last September and just took up the javelin in April, however, he has already got a trophy haul.

Having joined Copeland Athletics Club just after his 10th birthday, he has since built up a strong base of experience in the sport.

Piggott has competed in long jump, 75m sprint and 100m races in the under-13 category later adding the javelin to his repertoire.

Lowca School teacher Jane Lawson said: “Jack began to learn the javelin this April and has really excelled. We are very proud of Jack’s achievements.”

Piggott sits in first place in Cumbrian for javenlin, ninth in the North West and 75th in the country. He is also county champion.