Workington MMA fighter Iain ‘Rollo’ Rollason brought home a title belt at the weekend - after stepping up to take a bout at late notice.

Rollason, who fights out of the Tapout Knockout Club in Workington, won the Almighty Fighting Championship light heavyweight title belt in Leeds, in front of a strong home contingent.

Rollo has been training under head coach Trevor Cunningham, a 6th Dan in Jujitsu for nine years, picking up tips from the former world jujitsu and MMA champion as he himself achieved a 1st Dan black belt in Jujitsu.

For the past two years, the Workington fighter has concentrated on the ultra-tough sport of mixed martial arts where he has proven that he is one of the most game fighters on the circuit.

This was proven at the weekend when a fighter stepped out of his bout and Rollason got offered the chance to go for a belt.

He had no hesitation in stepping up and fighting Tom Fields, who was the reigning Almighty Fighting champion and a Brazilian Jujitsu national champion.

The light heavyweight bout turned into a five-round war.

Tapout Knockout’s Pat Carr said: “Rollo controlled the fight for all five rounds. I felt proud to be watching someone getting the rewards for the work that he had put in, he executed his game plan, and he is now the Almighty Fighting champion.”

Two more fighters from the club were also on the card. Andrew Bigrigg made his debut at middleweight where he went all the way to a decision but his opponent just won on the judge’s scorecards.

Carr said: “Andrew fought outside of his game plan but he never took a backward step against an experienced kickboxer.”

Paul ‘Babs’ Wright also competed at flyweight where he took part in what some would say was the fight of the night.

Wright looked to be the more aggressive fighter but was unlucky to be caught by an armbar while delivering hammer fists to his opponent’s head.

Head coach Trevor Cunningham said: “All three fighters made everyone at the club proud, showing resilience, determination and skill."

“These fighters are leading the way as there’s a number of very talented young fighters who are looking up to them.”