Cumbrian Olympic boxing dreams could be out for the count as the threat of boxing’s exclusion from Tokyo grows.

Boxers may lose their dream of competing at the Olympics as the International Olympic Commission’s ruling draws closer.

Issues with the governance of the Amateur International Boxing Association has led the IOC to consider removing it from the Olympic program.

Speaking on the Costello and Bunce boxing show, commentator Michael Costello said: “It is looking grave,” he said. “Still the threat exists.”

Whitehaven’s stand-out female boxer Billie Donaldson has expressed anger at the potential move to axe boxing: “I don’t think it should be taken out,” she said: “It doesn’t give boxers much to aim for.”

The IOC is looking to evict AIBA from the Olympic programme due to the appointment of its president, Gafur Rakhimov. Judging is seen as another of the systemic issues at the heart of amateur boxing.

Billie Donaldson has ran foul of the judging herself losing close split decisions in the amateur system.