New Workington Reds manager Gavin Skelton says he might look at bringing in some new faces to freshen up their battle to claw their way out of the relegation zone.

Skelton, whose first game back in the hot seat saw Reds lose 2-1 and have two players sent off at home to Stalybridge Celtic, says sometimes fresh blood can reinvigorate a struggling side.

But he also paid tribute to the squad at Borough Park saying there are still plenty of positives and the season is not yet over.

“We might have to bring players in,” Skelton admitted after the New Year’s Day loss. “Sometimes you need to change things and bring people in without the baggage of a bad season.

“It might be that they’re not carrying that bad feeling or that responsibility. It’s almost as if they can come in fresh and have a good go.

“But there was plenty of pleasing things today and others that were not involved so it shows what a strong squad we’ve got.”

Skelton praised Conor Tinnion in particular for his talented display on Tuesday but said the rest of the side could also not be faulted for effort.

“I thought Conor was just fantastic,” he added. “But I don’t want to name too many individuals, there were some really good performances, not always in quality but in terms of effort and commitment and trying to drive on, do the right things and be brave.

“It’s difficult when you’re at the wrong end of the league, you are a bit edgy but they sacrificed themselves to make mistakes, which is fine.

“As long as you have a go, if it doesn’t happen that’s fine, it’s when you start hiding and trying to take shortcuts but I don’t think anyone did that today so that’s pleasing. There was plenty to ponder and think on.

When you’re at the worng end of the league it’s all about confidence and you get that edgy feeling whatever but things happen and we just need to eradicate mistakes.”

Reds face a crucial trip to fellow strugglers Stafford Rangers on Saturday, with league points the key focus for Skelton’s side as they sit precariously just one place from the bottom of the Northern Premier League.

Skelton said he was set to look at training and facilities this week and revert back to two sessions a week to keep the squad together.

He added: “We’re not far off although I know that has probably been said all season. It was disappointing to lose but there is still plenty to build on and we have just got to keep the faith.

“There is plenty of positivity here. If you can give commitment like that then we will go on and batter some teams.”