Whitehaven coach Carl Forster has again praised the contribution to the side of veteran forward Scott McAvoy.

The former Hensingham forward came out of retirement to help Whitehaven when they were down to the bare bones on playing options through being placed in special measures.

Now, with his considerable help, Haven are still looking towards an end-of-season play-off place with two matches still to go in the regular season.

Forster said: “I can’t speak highly enough of Macca’s contribution to the cause. He has been immense, not just on the field but off it as well.

"His experience has been so valuable. Lots of people are saying that he retired too early but really there’s only Macca that can answer that.

“The only thing I can say to that is he has been on the pace and firing on all cylinders since he came back to play, making phenomenal contributions to the squad.

"I always promised him that I would not ask him to put his boots on for us again and that it would be down to him if he wanted to come back. But I have to admit I did drop one or two hints before he actually re-signed.

“He hadn’t lost his appetite for the game as he was actually playing amateur for his old club Hensingham at the start of the season.”

McAvoy actually scored the first try in Whitehaven’s 46-10 home win over Hunslet on Sunday which allowed them to leapfrog the Leeds side into sixth place.

With Doncaster and Town fighting for third and fourth, it appears to leave Oldham, Haven and Hunslet battling for the final play-off spot. On paper Haven have the easier game on Sunday.

Whitehaven host Coventry Bears; Oldham entertain Bradford Bulls and Hunslet are at home to Newcasle Thunder.

“We know we are in a position where we are relying on others to slip-up but, as far as we are concerned, we are only focused on winning our last two games against Coventry and York,” said Forster.

“We stuck rigidly to our game campaign on Sunday and it worked really well.”