In recent years, one kitchen gadget has become the most popular of its time.

Offering to save energy and money, the humble air fryer has been soaring off supermarket shelves like a Wonka golden ticket.

What some call a kitchen gadget breakthrough, the air fryer now has dozens of recipe books dedicated to it and endless Facebook groups all sharing recipes and reviews on their favourite air fryer and even a documentary.

Air fryers come in all shapes, sizes and prices, from the dual draws, the single, the window and the ones that promise to do it all and much more.

But with so many variations of one seemingly simple kitchen gadget, how good can air fryers be?

Well, now, hoping to offer a cheaper more affordable variation of the air fryer, budget-friendly supermarket Aldi is releasing their newest air fryer and I got to test it out.

Whitehaven News: The Air Fryer costs £69.99The Air Fryer costs £69.99 (Image: Newsquest)

I tried Aldi’s new Air Fryer and it gives designer brands a run for their money

Back in November 2022, Aldi started selling a dual-zone air fryer that would go on to crash the Aldi website with more than 80,000 people hoping to get their hands on the kitchen appliance.

Now, it’s back and with a new design.

Offering a new slick black matte look, the air fryer perfectly fits any kitchen design without taking away from the overall look, only adding.

Whitehaven News: The baskets have plenty of room. The baskets have plenty of room. (Image: Newsquest)

Better yet, while it looks and is mighty for its size, it doesn’t seem to take up too much counter space.

While I will say I never seem to have enough counter space no matter what, Aldi’s Dual Basket Air Fryer didn’t make it feel like any space was being taken up and for the fact it worked very well, I didn’t mind losing a small area to the gadget.

Onto the baskets, they’re deep with plenty of space for a meal fit for the whole family, one basket has all the space for roast potatoes and vegetables and room for steak or nut roast in the other basket.

But the big question is, how simple is the air fryer to use?

Whitehaven News: The air fryer hits Aldi stores on March 24th.The air fryer hits Aldi stores on March 24th. (Image: Newsquest)

There’s nothing worse than getting an exciting new kitchen gadget only to discover that the instructions are near enough impossible to understand.

But, lucky for me, Aldi’s air fryer was simple to use, as someone who previously stuck to a one-basket fryer, I loved that each tray could have its temperature and timer.

Before testing out the dual, I was always left working out times/ temperatures for different cooking instructions all to fit in one draw, but the dual lets all my confused headaches vanish.

Now, all I have to do is touch a few simple buttons and the air fryer starts doing its job and before I know it, my food is all cooked and ready to eat.


Plus, it has settings for everything you could ever need, cake, steak, chips, chicken and even tofu, I was left never worrying about how to cook what, the air fryer already knew what to do.

Although the new slick black style of Aldi’s Dual Basket Air Fryer is slightly more expensive than its predecessor at £69.99 instead of £49.99, it is still great value for money.

Coming in much cheaper than branded named air fryers, Aldi has created an air fryer that does the job and more while looking great all for less than £100, making it perfect for any family, single person, or couple alike.

The Aldi Dual Basket Air Fryer will be available in stores from Sunday, March 24.