Candidate name: Jack Lenox

Party: Green Party

Main priorities: All three top priorities for Copeland relate to the climate emergency. We need to be taking urgent action to dramatically reduce our carbon emissions while also tackling the biodiversity crisis. Firstly we need to be rapidly rolling out renewables and making good on the original promise of the Energy Coast. We also need to reduce our energy usage through retrofitting our housing stock, also helping to end fuel poverty. Finally we need to save our wildlife through tree and wildflower planting programmes, supporting farmers to reinstate hedgerows, and crucially rewilding and slowing the flow of rivers to help tackle flooding.

Brexit: I’m sick and tired of Brexit. I wish the referendum had never been called and I believe it’s a massive distraction from the real issues that face us. While our forests burn, our seas rise, and we’re in the middle of the planet’s sixth mass extinction, Brexit is apparently all we can talk about.

Policy commitment: More than 30 per cent of children in the UK live in poverty. Universal credit has not reduced poverty, increased employment or reduced reliance on food banks. It needs to be replaced with something meaningful. We propose a Universal Basic Income sufficient to cover an individual’s basic needs to replace social security.