Candidate name: John Studholme

Party: Liberal Democrats

Main priorities: I believe that sorting out Brexit by remaining in the EU is the first and vital priority for the UK and for Copeland. This will help provide the financial resources to deal with our other priorities. My social priority would be to improve health and care services, particularly for youth and for older people.

As MP for Copeland, I would seek – in consultation and partnership with government and the public authorities – to obtain much more public investment in West Cumbria, especially in our inadequate infrastructure, from all sources.

Brexit: I believe the UK should remain in the EU which has invested heavily across West Cumbria.

Since the Referendum I have led the campaign across Cumbria for a confirmatory ‘peoples vote’, whatever the details of the final deal.

If the Liberal Democrats have major influence after the election I should choose to revoke Article 50 to discontinue Brexit. This would avoid at a stroke what is likely to be several years of bitter debate about our future trading agreements with Europe and the wider world. Crucially, by staying in the EU, we will remain members of Euratom which is vital for the long-term future of Sellafield, our biggest and most important employer.

Policy commitment: not provided