Candidate name: Tony Lywood

Party: Labour

Main priorities: Conservative cuts have hit our area hard. Our schools and hospitals have been deprived of funding and Copeland Council’s grant has been cut by over 90 per cent. Stop privatising our local services and fund them properly.

Sellafield is the custodian of the largest plutonium stock in the world and this should be recognised, on site and to the wider community. Labour supports nuclear, the Tories failed to deliver Moorside. The Energy Coast’s slogan must be turned into reality by developing not only nuclear but wind, solar and tidal energy which will also provide good-quality manufacturing jobs for local people.

Brexit: Three years of Conservative incompetence have resulted in Johnson’s deal. This deal is a bad deal. Labour will, within three months of the election, agree a Leave Deal with the EU that protects jobs and environmental standards. Within six months the people will be able to vote for the Leave deal or vote to remain. Whatever the result, we will then work to bring this country back together again.

Policy commitment: Social care is in crisis and we need to look after our elderly with dignity. We need a properly funded national care system to work alongside the NHS and stop the creeping privatisation that makes the quality of your care dependent on how much you can pay. Every person deserves good quality local care in their old age.