Candidate name: Trudy Harrison

Party: Conservative

Main priorities: Nuclear is the pillar that holds up the socio-economic net in Copeland and I’m the strongest advocate. having worked at Sellafield and continuously raised the nuclear profile in Parliament and the UK. Small Modular Reactors are the way forward, I have worked with Rolls-Royce and our community to put forward a case for siting their reactors in Copeland. I want to see more industry, high streets and small businesses thrive. Investment in our area’s road, rail, digital connectivity and public services including health, social care and education is vital – I’ll build on a strong record of success whilst championing farming and tourism.

Brexit: Getting Brexit done and making our departure from the EU work for Copeland. Leaving with a deal that takes back control of our money, laws, borders and trade agreements – and securing those agreements swiftly. I voted to leave in the 2016 referendum. I have voted for the Withdrawal Agreement four times and I voted against removing the option of no deal.

Policy commitment: As a Government apprenticeship ambassador I want every young person to have the opportunity of a first class education with the option of a degree without debt. But to ensure the legacy of world class skills continues we must secure the businesses and industries which also pay for our public services.