FOSTER families gathered at Cleator Moor for a day of engineering and crafts with Sellafield staff. 

More than 40 young people and their carers took part in the event on Saturday, July 6. 

The day was organised and coordinated by Claire O'Connor and the team from the Engineering Centre of Excellence. 

The team worked closely with Cumberland Council to ensure that the day catered to everyone attending. 

Carers speak with staffCarers speak with staff (Image: Supplied)

Claire O'Connor said: "We want to make these events as inclusive as possible and are always coming up with new ideas to try and make these days as successful as they can be. 

"This year, we thought we'd invite everyone who helps look after the children, to give them the opportunity to build some memories together. 

"As well as our engineering-based activities, we broadened the offering to include a wide range of crafts and other games like a giant Operation table and also arranged for an ice cream van to come. Judging by the volume of laughter, I think we can say it was a hit."

Margaret James is a special guardian of two siblings aged 11 and 12 who attended the event. 

She said: "It's fantastic, there were so many opportunities to have a go at doing things they don't normally get the chance to do at home or at school. 

"They've just been allowed to go from one activity to another, have some independence, and find what they enjoy. 

Children enjoy the activitiesChildren enjoy the activities (Image: Supplied)

"They came last year and loved it, so when we said they could come again, they jumped at the chance. 

"The staff are brilliant and wonderful with the children. They really engage, and the children love that, they make them think too. 

"To be able to share the day with them this year has been really special."

Councillor Emma Williamson, of Cumberland Council added: "It's a really excellent programme to open the world of engineering and culture up to these children. 

"They get to try new skills that give them aspiration, which we hope will encourage them to try new things and realise that every career is open to them."