TODAY we wanted to look at the history of Cleator Moor Square.

The square, which sits directly in the centre of the town, has been a focal point of the community for generations.

It wasn't until the 1870s that Cleator Moor had a visible town centre. In those days the town consisted of rows of houses that were built for miners, these types of buildings did not have much character.

On Monday, October 2, 1871, the beginning of the market square was agreed. It was decided at a local board meeting that : "A market to be established, and that about seventy yards in length of Jacktrees Road and from the corner of Jacktrees Road opposite Mr Richardson's shop along Ennerdale Road to Mr Kelly's Joiner Shop to be the market place."

Following on from the creation of the market square, in 1876 it was decided to make the square more attractive. Instead of a muddy quagmire, it was then that slag was carted onto it to provide a solid foundation.

In around 1877 or 1878, Mr Doloughan, a local contractor, was set to building the Market Hall and Public Offices, these would be the buildings facing Jacktrees Road. It wasn't until 1882 that the Market Hall was extended.

The present Public Library Building was not erected until 1906, on the strength of a Carnegie Grant.

These photos show what has happened in and around Cleator Moor Square in more recent years. We hope that these pictures help to bring back some fond memories for some of you.