EGREMONT café/bakery, Emma's Bakes is set to expand into the vacant space at the Falcon Club, which will allow for more opportunities.

Emma Scurr, who is originally from Egremont, alongside her husband Chris opened 'Emma's Bakes' at the end of July in 2023 on Egremont Main Street. The business has been booming since it opened and have decided that expansion is their next move.

The space at the Falcon Club in Egremont became vacant and they decided to go for it..

Whilst the plans for the expansion are not completely confirmed, Emma knew she needed a bigger kitchen as her outdoor catering venture took off.  Emma said: "We will be doing catering for events held at Falcon so there will be a lot more going on. We will be able to take on bigger contracts on.

"In the future, we would be looking into bar meals but that’s a bit down the line, we want to take it easy."

There is plans to host afternoon tea events which would be advertised for a day or weekend event, rather than be open for people to walk in. The are hopes to use the space to host smaller events such as baby showers and make the space more "aesthetically pleasing".

Inside Emma's Bakes café on Main StreetInside Emma's Bakes café on Main Street (Image: Supplied)

Once Emma found out that the Falcon Club space has became available, she got in touch and looked around and proposed her idea. Emma explained why the decision felt right, she said: "I think it is because we are from Egremont and we are known here, we didn’t want somewhere too far so we are still local for the shop

"It is just the right kind of space, it was massive and it was right thing to do."

Emma spoke about how she felt about the expansion, she said: "Nervous, really nervous. I am excited because it’s the next step but I think I am nervous because I am following someone popular, although it is not going to be the same.

"I am just hoping this new thing whatever it ends up being people will be behind us. People seem excited, we've got a lot coming up."

Emma and her team have started decorating now, and the plan is to be ready to open by the end of August with the hopes that  it could be sooner.

Emma said: "I want the bar area where we will be to look like a cocktail bar to bring a different audience in. In the café now, we are very kid friendly, so we want to appeal to more adults without taking away from the other side

"The restaurant area will be like the café now so people know its us, like our brand."