ST Begh's School in Whitehaven were visited by a musician and motivational speaker to learn about the benefits of music.

Mark Deeks, musician and motivational speaker promotes the benefits of music for good mental health. Mark spent the day with the pupils last Monday (June 10) working with each year group.

Students were invited to wear a band t-shirt to school to make him welcome as his most favourite genre is heavy metal! 

Student, Rex won one of Mark's CDs for being best-dressed. His mum made the badge for his Iron Maiden jacket.

Student Rex won best dressedStudent Rex won best dressed (Image: Supplied)

Catherine Mallard, headteacher said: "The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and took away some great key messages. Mark encouraged us all to listen to all sorts of styles of music to discover what we like and try hard to really listen rather than just having music as a background to other activities.

"He showed us how music is amazing for bringing back special memories in an instant. He also really impressed us all with his piano-playing and ability to play any song we named!"

The children have noted that the rest of the week at St. Begh's has had a 'joyful' feel thanks to this inspirational start to the week.   

   Pupils gather in the hall for Mark's sessionPupils gather in the hall for Mark's session (Image: Supplied)       

Mark Deeks said: "It was fantastic to spend the day with everyone at St Begh’s and share my passion for the crucial role music can play in the wellbeing of all us and our communities. I was really impressed with the school’s attitude towards the day, particularly Catherine’s suggestion that both children and staff had a non-uniform day and were encouraged to wear the t shirts of their favourite musicians. I thought this showed fantastic creativity and leadership, and a willingness to embrace  the potential of the creative arts to bring people together and deeply connect them via the music they love and the memories it can help create.

"I absolutely loved seeing all of the outfits everyone wore, and really enjoyed everyone singing together too!"