A VEHICLE was seized following a patrol by police around Cumbria's nuclear estates- with the driver admitting to police he had never held a licence.

Copeland police stopped a vehicle during a patrol of Cumbria's nuclear sites, with officers discovering that the vehicle did not hold a valid MOT giving them a reason to look into the vehicles driver.

In a statement on social media, Copeland police said: "CCNET officers PC 2165 and PC 1837 were out and about yesterday patrolling the nuclear estates facilities around Cumbria. During their shift they located a vehicle that had no valid MOT and showed the only insured party was female - but with a male driving the vehicle near to Cockermouth

"After speaking to the male who was from out of force area, he gave us several false details and different variations of their name. After some questioning he finally admitted that he did not have a driving licence and never held one. Vehicle was seized under Sec 165 RTA for driving otherwise in accordance with a licence, no insurance and no valid MOT.

"If you tell the police lies, it'll come out eventually. Cumbria Police have the technology to view your driving licence at the roadside, meaning we can see the picture on your licence and the status of your licence too - so make sure its a good one."