A SOCIAL impact group has been working with its members to create a silk painting. 

Good Lives, which is based at Cleator Moor, has been working with its members to create the artwork which will be displayed inside the group's yurt at West Lakes Science Park. 

The group provides opportunities for people who are currently unemployed. 

They offer a range of workshops and classes helping people to gain more skills and develop themselves with hopes of finding their way into a career. 

June Pearson, a volunteer at Good Lives, said: "Our Art in Nature group is working on the piece which will be displayed at West Lakes Science Park.

"I initiated the idea which will symbolize all of the things that happen on that site and what makes a good life. 

People get busy creating the piecePeople get busy creating the piece (Image: Supplied)

"I've done one like this previously for the Queen's Coronation, it will be similar to this. The art will include topics of growth and what goes on throughout the year. Other topics like music and spirituality will be explored. 

"Week by week we're building on this which is running alongside the other pieces of work that we're doing. 

"The group are coming up with their ideas for the piece and are also participating in the silk work and painting."

The only criterion for working with Good Lives is that you must be unemployed.

People get busy creating the piecePeople get busy creating the piece (Image: Supplied)

There is a mixture of age groups who take part in activities at the centre. 

A range of different courses is on offer to people who attend like woodwork, computing, professional and social courses, and upcycling. 

Ms Pearson continued: "All of those who are taking part in the Art in Nature class seem to be enjoying it. 

People create the painting People create the painting (Image: Supplied)

"It's very relaxing, but there's also a focus. The class doesn't just turn up and do what they want, they work towards something with a beginning, middle, and end. 

"I think an important thing in everybody's life is that they have something to work towards and to feel that we are part of something bigger."

The yurt was gifted from Natural England and Good Lives received assistance from Balfour Beatty and N G Bailey to put the yurt up.