A RESCUE puppy who was found as a stray has now found his forever home with a loving family in Cumbria.

Five-month-old Lurcher puppy Riley needed to be socialised before he could be adopted, this means preparing the animal to enjoy interactions and be comfortable with other animals, people, places, and activities.

Staff at Dogs Trust Cumbria took Riley on days out around the Lake District for walks, where he could safely experience different surroundings, senses, and interacting with other people.

One of these trips was to Pooley Bridge, near Ullswater, where he visited shops, enjoyed a paddle in the lake, and took in the sights and sounds, including livestock, people, and other dogs.

Dogs Trust said this process of socialisation ensures young puppies can flourish as a happy, adult dog.

Julie O’Neill, media coordinator at Dogs Trust Cumbria said: “Riley so enjoyed his days out in the Lake District.

“Not only did he have lots of fun, but he was learning all about the world around him including walking on the lead.

“Being such a handsome young lad, he received lots of attention from locals and tourists and he learned to sit calmly when he was being patted which was great positive reinforcement training as he was rewarded with treats and praise.   

“Riley was in a foster home before being adopted so also learnt about the sights, sounds and experiences of home life which meant he settled quickly into his forever home.

“After a difficult start in life being found as a stray, we are delighted he will never be alone again after finding happiness in his forever home.”