A COUPLE from Moresby have celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary and have shared the secret to a long and happy marriage.

Sydney Bray, 94 and Moira Bray (was McNamara), 89, who are from Moresby Parks, were wed on June 5, 1954 at St Bridget's Church.

After their wedding, the couple featured in the Whitehaven News celebrating their big day.

In their younger days, Sydney worked as a mechanic where he would work on cars, airplanes and tractors and Moira spent her career working within the local government.

Whitehaven News cut out of their couples weddingWhitehaven News cut out of their couples wedding (Image: Newsquest)

The couple went onto have two children of their own, Christopher and Angela. Both Christopher and Angela had children, giving Sydney and Moira three grandchildren who are called Lucy, Mark and Emily.

Sydney and Moira's grandchild Lucy then gave birth to Milan, making the couple great grandparents.

The couple now reside in Rosehill Care home, and on June 5, the home organised a singer who came and performed for the pair. They were also treated to a cake and a buffet spread during their anniversary.

Sydney and Moira's family visited them, and they opened the card from King Charles together.

Sydney and Moira on their wedding day in 1954Sydney and Moira on their wedding day in 1954 (Image: Supplied)

The couple's daughter, Angela said: "My dad was really pleased with the card from King Charles.

"As they were opening it together, the King was on the TV in the background which made it more special."

Sydney shared his tips for a long and happy marriage. He said: "The trick to 70 years of marriage is as the husband you learn to keep your opinions to yourself because even though you know you're right, you'll always be wrong!"

The pair's family also shared an insight into the life of the couple after all these years. They said "that he [Sydney] sings to her [Moira] every single night for an hour before bed".