A THEATRE group has finished a successful production run of its latest play 'Swiped!'

The Rosehill Players hosted the production at Rosehill Theatre in Whitehaven which saw a successful turnout in the duration of its run. 

Speaking in his capacity as both chair of the Rosehill Players and the director of 'Swiped!', Roger Wilson said: "The Rosehill Players have come to the end of the extremely successful four-night run of our brand new play, Swiped!

"Written by local lad and talented author David Tierney, it’s a contemporary bitter-sweet comedy about a Whitehaven girl’s search for love and the perils associated with using dating apps.

"It was a first for The Players in premiering a play and we did so to near sell-out audiences each night, culminating in a brilliant finale on Saturday, May 18 to a packed audience and raucous laughter and curtain call.

Whitehaven News: The performers on stageThe performers on stage (Image: Supplied)

"Another first was taking the play to local communities and acting out sections (minus some of the naughtier bits) and bringing along large groups from those centres, many of whom would attend a play at Rosehill for the first time.

"The feedback has been tremendous, with social media and our inboxes awash with rave reviews of 'brilliant' and 'hilarious' and much more."

The Rosehill Players partnered with local charities too and were able to make donations from raffles, charities’ own initiatives, and matched ticket prices. 

Mr Wilson continued: "We were also in a position to pay for tickets for some of those charities’ hard-working volunteers or simply donate spare tickets for their lovely helpers to have a night out of laughter with us. 

Whitehaven News: The performers on stageThe performers on stage (Image: Supplied)

"Other groups from Cumbria Mountain Rescue, Autism Support, and more came along as our invited guests, joining Whitehaven Mayor Chris Hayes and Labour candidate Josh McAlister.

"Every one of them got back to us with amazing feedback on their fun-packed visit to our little theatre.

"Not only has the play set new box office records for the Players, but it has also, most importantly, introduced a new way of publicising what we do by visiting those local community groups, instead of relying purely on advertising.

Whitehaven News: The performers on stageThe performers on stage (Image: Supplied)

"If anyone is interested in becoming involved in future productions, whether on stage or behind the scenes, we are always seeking to expand our numbers."