A D-DAY exhibition is set to be held at a West Cumbrian library. 

The event organised by the Wath Brow Royal British Legion Branch will be held on June 6 and June 7 in Cleator Moor Library. 

Cleator Moor man David Farrell, who is helping to organise the event, has family links to World War II and specifically D-Day. 

He said: "It's the 80th anniversary of D-Day so there's quite a lot of things happening in Whitehaven and Cleator Moor. 

"We have a small group of people who research the military history and do things to remember the people involved. Whilst also looking at the history of the town through a military angle. 

"With it being the 80th anniversary we thought it would be good to display to the people of Cleator Moor some of the stories of men from Cleator Moor and the surrounding districts who were part of D-Day."

One of David's close family members was directly involved in D-Day which is something that he hopes to explore along with other local stories as part of the exhibition. 

He continued: "I have family commitments because my uncle, my dad's brother, was a tank driver and landed on the Normandy beaches, not in the first wave but in the second wave of the landings. 

"It's something that I've wanted to do but the fact that I had family who were directly involved with D-Day make it feel more important to me to host an exhibition. 

"The group that I'm involved with has researched names and events around this kind of topic. 

"Recently, there's been a focus on World War I research as going back six years it was the centenary for the end of the First World War and we did something for that, that's still ongoing and it leads very nice into this that we're going to be doing. 

"There's something called the Cleator Moor Roll of Honour which has been researched over a number of years. 

"This has the names of men from Cleator Moor who enlisted and fought in the British army in various conflicts. 

"It shows that during World War I there were 100 men from the area who fought and died."

Members of the public are welcome to come along to the exhibition and find out more about Cleator Moor's ties to World War II.