A BOXING and MMA gym in Whitehaven will soon be closing its doors. 

RFN Fitness, located in the marketplace, has been operated by Kevin O' Fee for over a year. 

He explains that with 'heavy hearts' and after 'careful consideration' he would not be able to sustain the costs of running the gym any longer. 

Kevin used the centre to teach young people and teenagers physical contact sports like boxing and MMA and was beginning to develop a strong reputation in the community. 

He said: "I've been running RFN myself for the whole time and haven't had a lot of help.

"With no real plan to be anything there wasn't really a structure and it was just running day by day. 

"We began to learn about CIC and that helped with what offers they could provide.

"It was just the procedure was taking far too long for the size of the building and then we got told the business rates wouldn't be accepted even with the CIC. 

"It was just far too much for the people that we had coming and without funding it wasn't possible to keep an operation like that going. It wasn't viable for the amount of time that I was putting into it.

Kevin says that it was 'absolutely amazing' being able to run his own sports club and explains that he 'couldn't have wished for a better time.' 

He hopes that he has been able to provide help and support to the young people in the community with the training and facilities that he has offered. 

Mr O' Fee continued: "Some people have said they'll be forever grateful and I've had lots of messages and kind words from the public. 

"Many parents have been pleased with what I've offered to their kids and what I've done for their families. 

"It's nice to know that it did help so many people. I am looking to do something again in the near future but I'd like to have everything put in place first.

"I'd like to thank everyone who donated and got it off the ground like the people at Bounty Competitions, Jordan Priestley at JP Plastering, and Terry Burns at Civic Car Sales."