COUNCILLORS have called on tourists to visit Whitehaven this summer. 

The Telegraph reported this week that residents in tourist hotspots are creating ruses to dissuade tourists from coming to their areas. 

In Athens, Greece, locals exploited the bed bug frenzy that was sweeping parts of Europe, creating fake stories of infestations in the city. 

When, according to The Telegraph, the residents were just growing concerned at the seven million tourists visiting annually. 

However, in Whitehaven, there are big calls from local government to explore the rest of Cumbria, not just the Lake District. 

Councillor Edwin Dinsdale, of Whitehaven Central South Ward, said: "It's something from a town point of view we've been trying to tap into for many years. 

"Going back the plan always was that we got a percentage of what tourists go to the Lake District. 

"We'd be doing really and it's something we've got to progress together with key stakeholders and partners. 

"For me, that is how the town is going to move forward. I would support anybody taking those vital steps for us to be known as a tourist resort."

Mayor Chris Hayes said: "People don't realise what we've got to offer, we've got The Beacon and The Rum Story running exhibitions throughout the summer. 

"We've got a lot going on, we have. Come and meet the people of our town, we're the friendliest people in the country without a shadow of a doubt. 

"There are plenty of guest houses and hotels to stay at, we'll make you welcome. 

"I think Whitehaven is a bit overlooked with being a bit outside the Lake District. When you go into the lakes you never see brochures advertising the town.

"Last year at a town council event I was talking to a couple from Scotland and they told me how much they enjoyed the markets."

Councillor Graham Roberts, of Harras Ward said: "Whitehaven's a wonderful place, it is the best place in Britain not just to visit but to live. I know some people who have moved here to retire. 

"We've got a wonderful harbour and the car parking isn't bad. Please come and enjoy it, we've got all sorts of things you can do."