A WOMAN who started a support network to help what she sees as some of the 'unseen victims' of people's crimes - the families of those who are convicted - has received extra funding to deliver her message far and wide.

Millom woman, Emma Wells, unfortunately found herself as one of these people when her ex-partner was jailed nearly eight years ago for a serious offence, and she felt alone.

Emma wrote a book about the situation called 'Unseen Victims' which she published on Amazon. She also started her own support group with the same name. Since then, her work has taken off and, after being granted extra funding and resources, she plans to help more families and spread the message wider.

As part of this work, Emma will be placing internships with Lancaster University to assist with individual campaigns promoting the organisation.

Emma said: "There are over 12,000 students and a portion of those will have suffered with someone they know going to jail or being arrested so it’s a great concept to get to the targeted audience."

Some of the internships will include marketing for Emma's book, and upcoming audiobook, and working on her radio show. There are numerous opportunities for students to gain experience and get involved in the projects.

Emma said: "It's very important for me to work with students because they are the future."

Emma will also be appearing on a radio show with Wijden Saadaoui, who has a spot on Bailrigg FM where she will be interviewed and later create a weekly podcast of her own. The podcast will include insights from people affected by crime, and how criminals affect their own family in their wrong-doings.

Emma said: "I want to try and make people critically think about the effects this has on people who they love as well."

Cumbria Community Foundation have been an integral part of Emma's onward journey after releasing her book. Emma said: "They have been fantastic, I was awarded the funding in March and have just started to allocate it.

"I was awarded £4,000 from them because the bid I place was identified as being necessary and £2,000 of that has went towards funding these placements.

Whitehaven News: David Allen, the new police, fire and crime commissioner for CumbriaDavid Allen, the new police, fire and crime commissioner for Cumbria (Image: Supplied)

Emma has also started working alongside recently elected Police and Crime Commissioner, David Allen. Emma wants to see Cumbria have a dedicated liaison officer for families affected by crime, whereby those 13,000 people who are the 'unseen victims' of crime will be given a leaflet to Emma's services and have guidance offered directly to them as well. Emma said: "I am hopeful he will jump onboard. It would put Cumbria on the map for proactive and positive policing.

"If someone was to be contacted with support after someone they know is arrested and are told 'I am here to help you', it would drive down so much resentment for the police."