SELLAFIELD employees have received a lower bonus for 2023/2024, following last year's accidental overpayment.

Workers at the nuclear power plant received just under three-quarters of the total available via the bonus scheme.

For the bonus payments of 2022/2023, workers received an overpayment of nearly £200 each. Sellafield confirmed in 2023 that this was due to an error.

This year workers have received just over 73 per cent of what was available.

The decision over this year's bonus is unrelated to last year's overpayment. 

A Sellafield Ltd spokesman said: “Our teams have pulled together to make some great things happen at Sellafield this year, as well as setting us up well for the year ahead.

“There has been a huge effort across the entire business to deliver against our targets and milestones.

“We successfully kept pace with all spent fuel deliveries from EDF’s AGR reactors, continued our vital decommissioning work, and made progress on the new build projects we need for the future safe storage of nuclear material.

“Following a detailed audit of our performance against our pre-agreed targets, we have confirmed employees will receive just under three quarters (73.7 per cent) of the total bonus available under the Sellafield Enterprise Bonus Scheme, slightly less than we achieved last year.

“We will continue to focus on doing our work safely and creating value for our stakeholders.”