STUDENTS from UTC were invited to The Rum Story to begin a new project. 

They will be working alongside the Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners and the town crier Marc Goodwin. 

One group will be developing signage at the new Edge centre on the harbourside whilst another group will develop historical signs around the town to inform residents and visitors of the heritage of the area. 

Marc Goodwin said: "Through my role as Town Crier I've had the opportunity to get involved with The Heritage Group, being in that group I was made aware of a plan to update the blue plaques. 

"These are on various buildings around the town and recognise all the great characters and important people throughout history who have been involved with Whitehaven. 

"Through other work I'm doing I was made aware of the need for students to do workplace projects and I thought this would be a great opportunity to connect the dots. 

"The students from UTC came down today and it was part of a six-week project to look at the plaques and work with the heritage group to see how they might maintain them. 

"We want to look after the plaques for the benefit of the town so that everyone can enjoy them. 

"We're also looking at a way that we can create a trail out of the plaques to support tourism in the town and to celebrate our rich history."

Deanne Shallcross, CEO of the Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners, discussed the plans for The Edge, she said: "Any new building needs signs, we want a sign for the main entrance, and one people will see when they're walking up West Strand to tell them what the building is. 

"So we went back to UTC and asked if they'd be interested in an employer project where the students would design the signs. 

"They will be looking at the materials, the marine environment which will affect how robust they are going to be, and also the budget. 

"It's teaching them real-world experience in terms of that kind of work."