These seven cats are currently in the care of Animal Rescue Cumbria while they wait for a loving family.

Animal Rescue Cumbria and The Wainwright Shelter take in, rehabilitate and rehome 350 cats and dogs every year. Once their cats are ready to find a new family, they can be advertised for adoption.

Meet the lovely felines currently looking for their forever homes…

SARABI is a tabby and white coloured cat who is estimated to be about one year old.

Whitehaven News:

She could live with children and is looking for a home where she is the only pet.

Sarabi would like to find a home which is away from busy roads so that she can safely explore the area once settled in and ready.


SYLVESTER is a white and black coloured cat estimated to be around one year and seven months old.

Whitehaven News:

He is described as a ‘very sweet’ and ‘gentle boy’ who enjoys a fuss and a brush.

Sylvester would like access to outside and would love to find a home away from busy roads so that he can go and explore once he is ready.

Animal Rescue Cumbria said they unsure if he has lived with other animals previously, but he could live with children.


GEORGE and MILDRED are an inseparable pair looking to find a new home together.

Whitehaven News:

Animal Rescue Cumbria said the pair are looking for a home where their new owner will be able to give them lots of fuss and attention.

George is a male, black and white cat, age one and a half, while Mildred is a tabby and white coloured female around three and a half years old.

The charity said: “They can start off a little timid to begin with, but it doesn’t take long for them to come out of their shells!”

They have previously lived with children so could potentially live with school aged children, if introduced correctly.

George and Mildred have previously lived with other cats, but Animal Rescue Cumbria think they would prefer to be the only pets in the home.

Once they have had time to settle into their new home, they would like access to explore the great outdoors! They have been used to a more rural location and may not be used to lots of traffic.


RASCAL is a friendly, 10 month old cat, looking for a rural home or somewhere with a secure garden for him to enjoy the outdoors.

Whitehaven News:

He is described as a ‘very sweet’ and ‘outgoing’ boy who can be a ‘bit cheeky’ but he absolutely ‘loves being around people’.

Rascal would like a home with no young children, but he could live with older, secondary school aged children and another friendly cat.


MULAN is a black and white cat, who is estimated to be about six years old.

Whitehaven News:

She is ideally looking for a new home outdoors such as on a farm, small holding or stables, where she can help keep rodent populations down, in return for somewhere warm to sleep, and a daily meal.


LILY is a tabby and white coloured cat age seven years and three months old.

Whitehaven News:

She is described as a ‘very affectionate’ and ‘gentle girl’ with a ‘loving nature’ who enjoys sitting on your knee and having a snuggle.

Lily could live with children over the age of eight but would like to be the only pet in the home.

She needs to find a home away from busy roads with outdoor space to explore.


If you think you could offer any of these beautiful cats the forever home they deserve, please fill out an adoption enquiry form for Animal Rescue Cumbria.

Include as much information about yourself, your experience and your previous pets, as possible