IT's Good Friday today, the best day of the year for fish and chip shops. 

Many of us will opt for the traditional fish and chips. Others might enjoy scampi or a fish cake and perhaps a topping of gravy, curry sauce, or peas. 

We've searched around to ensure you find the best fish and chip shops to order from in Whitehaven. 


This is arguably the most popular fish and chip shop in town with a very good reputation. 

There is also another Frasers shop just a few miles away in Egremont, which is equally as great. 

Granny Wongs 

This town centre fish and chip shop is a firm favourite for the people of Whitehaven. 

Cottage Chippy 

Located in Hensingham, just outside of Whitehaven. This fish and chip shop is popular with people across the area. 


This fish and chip shop is much loved by the people of Mirehouse, one of the biggest estates in the Whitehaven area. 

Wath Brow Chippy 

Just a few miles from Whitehaven, this fish and chip shop offers a traditional menu of classic favourites.