A PARANORMAL investigator has filmed a documentary examining the crimes of Raoul Moat. 

Louis Dee, of Workington, films content exploring paranormal activity at former crime scenes and 'haunted' locations for his YouTube channel. 

In the latest episodes of his series 'Tracing', Louis examined the crimes of Raoul Moat. 

In 2010, Moat killed one person and injured two others during a shooting spree in Northumberland, within days of being released from HMP Durham. 

This led to a police manhunt which concluded when Moat committed suicide following a six-hour stand-off with armed officers. 

To prepare for his investigation, Louis watched endless hours of tapes and videos and also listened to phone calls to try to understand the frame of mind Moat was in. 

Louis then visited the key locations where the police manhunt for Moat unfolded. 

He said: "We started at his home where Raoul first visited after his release and planned his 'revenge' by filling up his gun with bullets made out of metal and stuffed with other materials to make the impact more harmful.

"After visiting there we headed to the home of his ex-girlfriend Sam, where he waited four hours under the window ledge listening to Sam and her boyfriend Chris talk.

"Sam had told Moat he was a police officer but was a karate instructor.

Whitehaven News: The crime scene in 2010The crime scene in 2010 (Image: Louis Dee)

"After Chris left the house, Raoul shot and killed him outside the home, and fired shots through the window at Sam.

"It was surreal to watch the documentaries. I remember seeing it live on the news years before.

"To be standing on the exact spot Raoul was on the night was chilling, I felt like I wasn’t in my body.

 "From there we headed to the big roundabout in Newcastle where he shot and blinded a police officer... the policeman later went on to commit suicide.

"After visiting countless locations, we headed to Rothbury, the place that hit world news, the place where the manhunt ended.

"We were standing on the Riverside Bank, and it was time to try and do some paranormal investigations to contact Raoul.

"We had devices set up around and in the exact locations, on command, we asked him if he was here could he light the sensor up. and it lit up.

"So we ran a spirit box to try to talk to him, he said 'hello hun' to Fran, my partner, who was with me at the time of filming. I asked him if he regretted what he did and he said 'yes', and that his message to his family was to 'find religion'. We heard breathing as clear as day around the location and there was only me and Fran there.

"It was chilling but the most interesting part was I felt like I wasn’t me. After hundreds of investigations I’ve done over the years, this one had me on edge."