THE Whitehaven and District Amateur Operatic Society will be performing One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. 

The group will be performing the stage adaption of the classic novel and film at Rosehill Theatre, in Whitehaven.

Whitehaven News: A rehearsal of the play A rehearsal of the play (Image: Supplied)

The play will run from Wednesday, March 20 until Saturday, March 23. 

The story follows the 'rebellious' R.P. McMurphy who, after being convicted of a petty crime, contrives to serve his short sentence in an airy mental institution rather than in a prison.

Whitehaven News: A rehearsal of the play A rehearsal of the play (Image: Supplied)

However, he immediately clashes with Nurse Ratched. A 'fierce authoritarian', her control over patients and staff is absolute.

What follows is a 'thrilling and brutal battle of wills'. While McMurphy inexplicably manages to befriend the patients and draw them out of themselves, Nurse Ratched’s 'ruthless bids for control' become more 'vicious.'

Whitehaven News: The cast rehearse The cast rehearse (Image: Supplied)

A spokesperson said: "Dale Wasserman’s stage adaptation of Ken Kesey's novel explores the brutality of life in a 1960’s mental institution with humour, candor, and unforgettable characters.

"Our cast has worked incredibly hard on what is a dense and challenging play. I’m particularly excited at how detailed the characters are becoming.

"Despite the brutal subject matter, our cast is still managing to bring out the humour and playfulness in the text.

Whitehaven News: The cast recite their lines The cast recite their lines (Image: Supplied)

"This is an intense piece of drama that amateur groups don’t often get the opportunity to handle and it’s a privilege to be presenting it in Whitehaven.

"We’ve got some are some very special performances that we can’t wait to share with an audience. It’s going to be thrilling.

"Audiences should be aware that this play contains strong language and mature themes including suicide and the negative portrayal of mental health treatments."

Audiences for the pay are recommended to be 15 years old and over. Tickets for the event are £13 with concessions at £11.

Whitehaven News: The full cast The full cast (Image: Supplied)

On Wednesday, March 20, the opening night, all tickets are £10.