TWO West Cumbrian Crufts competitors have shared their stories. 

A Cleator Moor family and a Whitehaven family have shared with us what made them want to take part in Crufts this year and also why they are so passionate about their dogs. 

One competitor Leah Todd of Whitehaven said: "We've been showing for about ten years, I think it was just a hobby that we and our daughter could enjoy together as a whole family. 

"We've done it every year since 2014, it's good fun and a nice experience. We've had some good first places before, it's nice I'd say it's the occasion of the year. It's like the Grand National of dogs. 

"We do shows every weekend so all of the training comes from that. We're regularly attending championship shows. 

"We have chihuahua long coats, so they're very cheeky, outgoing, and full of fun. They've got to have a certain character to allow them to cope in that sort of environment."

Danielle Gilling, another West Cumbrian Crufts competitor, said: "I've had dogs all my life and been brought up with them since I was little. I've been showing dogs for 16 years now myself, it was something that my mam and dad did before I was born, and it stemmed from there really. 

"We've been going to Crufts since 2009. We go to a weekly training class and there's a lot of preparation at home with taking them out and training. It's to more and less get them ready by bathing them and grooming them. 

"I have quite a lot of dogs and I'll be taking four Tibetan Spaniels to Crufts this year. They love it as we take them to shows all year round. 

"Every weekend we travel to places like Scotland, Ireland, and Wales to show the dogs."