THE Beacon will be showcasing a series of events about L.S. Lowry. 

The Whitehaven museum will host a series of events about the artist with links to the local area. 

Lowry's Colour - A Painting Workshop with Alex Jakob-Whitworth will be held on March 2 between 10am-2pm and 1pm-3pm. 

A spokesperson said: "If you've visited The Beacon Museum's L.S. Lowry exhibition you will no doubt see the artworks produced by artist Alex Jakob-Whitworth and local school pupils. 

"Now adults will have the chance to improve their painting skills and explore Lowry's colour palette."

On March 7 at 7pm there 'Mr Lowry and Friend' will be presented Gaynor Arrowsmith telling 'Intriguing' story of one of L.S. Lowry's most 'significant and enduring friendships.' 

A spokesperson said: "During her illustrated talk Gaynor will describe her ancestral art adventure as she reveals the little-known tale of her great-uncle and great artist himself."