A Cumbrian band is celebrating after an 'incredible' response to their latest single.

FLYNT are an Indie Pop band consisting of West Cumbrians Brad Kavanagh, Emma Dockeray, Steven Norman, and Calvin Thornborrow.

On February 14, they released their latest single 'Calling You Back' - a catchy hit which focuses on closing the door to an ex-partner. 

And the response so far has been incredibly positive, with Brad Kavanagh paying tribute to the band's fans in a interview with the News & Star

He said: "Calling You Back is the type of song we have wanted to write for a while. All of out songs are about relationships. We love to fantasise about terrible relationships, some of us have been in them.

"When Emma and I sit down to write a song, there's a moment of conjoined therapy where we decide to write a song that tackles something. Calling You Back nudges someone to make a decision to not call someone back, who wouldn't be good for you.

"The online response has been incredible. We're always happy to see people streaming it and really enjoying it as well. We're an emotional band and every song is like a bit of therapy for us. Calling You Back is just another colour from that palette."

In late 2023, the quartet played a 'perfect' gig at The Brickyard in Carlisle

Brad added: "It went amazingly well. The turnout was awesome and the vibe was incredible. The biggest surprise was that, you spend so many years as a band trying to get people to come and watch, but everyone at The Brickyard knew every lyric. Everyone knew every beat. It was an amazing show, it was the perfect place for the perfect gig."

FLYNT now plan to spend the next few months working on a first EP, performing a gig in Liverpool, with some festival spots also set to be confirmed in the near future.

Brad said: "We're gearing up for a really creative summer, with a couple of festival spots and gigs, as well as getting this EP together and recording a load of songs.