A WARNING has been issued over the use of rat traps after a cat came home with an ‘industrial-size’ trap clamped to his leg.

Pedro Purrscal was taken to the vet by his worried owner, Mau Craze-Gray, after his paw had become stuck in the huge trap.

The 14-month-old cat was found ‘in shock’ and breathing heavily with a ‘very swollen’ leg.

Ms Craze-Gray said: “It was still on his paw. My husband woke up at 5.30 wondering what the clomping was. He was trying to get it off. I took it off straightaway and gave him first aid.”

After being taken to West Lakeland Veterinary Group in Egremont, Pedro was given an X-ray which revealed he had fortunately only suffered soft tissue damage. He was given painkillers and antibiotics.

Ms Craze-Gray, who lives on the Fairladies estate in St Bees, is urging people to think twice about leaving out such traps to avoid other animals coming to harm.

Whitehaven News: Pedro is recovering at home after the ordealPedro is recovering at home after the ordeal (Image: Submitted)

She said: “It’s a bit vicious to put out that sort of trap, especially in a domestic area. Where we live, we get a lot of wildlife, like hedgehogs.

“Luckily, he’s quite a big build. Had he been a small cat, it could have snapped bones. He’s got a lot of soft tissue bruising and swelling.  

“There are plenty of other small traps out there. If you are having a problem with rodents, adopt an older cat from a shelter. They make great pest control.”

A spokesperson for Cumberland Council said: “Snap traps are not used by Cumberland Council and should not be used by any responsible organisation providing a pest treatment service.

“Cumberland Council’s Pest Control team are members of the British Pest Control Association and adhere to best practice and legal requirements.

“We recommend that treatment for rats is undertaken by an approved organisation.

“If residents have any concerns about rat activity in their area, they are encouraged to contact the council via 0300 373 3730 or info@cumberland.gov.uk.