As a man with a sweet tooth, I couldn't have signed up quicker for Hotel Chocolat's Valentines chocolate-tasting experience.

The British confectionary chain has a popular shop on English Street in Carlisle where it sells award-winning chocolates and luxury chocolate gifts. 

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, the Carlisle shop has a variety of heart-shaped chocolates on offer. 

After previously attending their multi-sensory chocolate experience in 2023, which included the incredibly bitter 100 per cent cocoa chocolate, I felt more confident about finding my 'love match' at this 30 minute tasting session, which happened to be a private tasting for just my partner and I.

For just £5, we were offered five choices of chocolate, which helped us find our ideal selection at the end of the session. 

First up, we were offered the 'deep or bold' dark chocolate, or 'mellow or creamy' milk option. I opted for milk instead of dark, and enjoyed a beautifully rich and creamy milk chocolate truffle. 

The second choice was between caramel and fruit, and while I'd usually prefer caramel, in this case I opted for the raspberry panna cotta with white chocolate, and it was lovely and refreshing.

As with any professional tasting, our Hotel Chocolat host kept our water glasses topped up, but I wasn't planning on spitting anything out.

Whitehaven News: The millionaire shortbread and milk chocolate options we took homeThe millionaire shortbread and milk chocolate options we took home (Image: Jimmy Moorhouse)

A third choice was between crunchy nuts, or smooth nuts, and in this case I went for the smooth praline, which was a much more subtle option.

Up next was the decadent champagne truffle, which was too strong for my liking, but would definitely satisfy anyone who enjoys a bit of booze in their chocolate.

After assessing our preferred chocolate options, our friendly host suggested the millionaire shortbread option, which was a delightful combination of sweet caramel and crunch.

Despite being full of chocolate, we were then permitted to pick one item each to take home, and we placed full trust in our guide who recommended the millionaire shortbread option again.

Hotel Chocolat has tickets available for Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 February and is a must for any chocoholics in Carlisle.