A WALKER sustained a head injury leading to heavy bleeding after a fall on Scafell. 

Wasdale Mountain Rescue team came to their aid as it was feared they could lose consciousness when they had fallen in Foxes Tarn Gully on the descent from the mountain. 

A spokesperson said: "A full callout was made quickly. Helimed 58 also lifted but was unable to land due to the weather conditions with clouds unhelpfully hanging over the Scafell summits.

Whitehaven News: The team conduct the rescue The team conduct the rescue (Image: Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team)

"Coastguard helicopter support was requested, and Rescue 199 responded from Prestwick.

"Again, weather thwarted attempts to directly access the casualty, and so an offer to move team members up the hill as far as possible was gratefully received.

"Two passing walkers, including a former team member, had also stopped to help the walker, providing food, drink, and extra clothing.

Whitehaven News: The team help the casualty The team help the casualty (Image: Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team)

"Once on scene, a full medical assessment was made, before packaging the walker in a full body splint, casualty bag, heat blanket, and stretcher.

"Rope systems were set up to manage the stretcher safely down the snow-filled Mickeldore gully toward the agreed location for the helicopter transfer.

"Rescue 199 then returned to the scene, landed on, and then flew the walker to the hospital for further medical assessment and treatment.

Whitehaven News: The mountain rescue team The mountain rescue team (Image: Wasdale MRT)

"Thanks to both helicopter crews for their help again, and to the walkers who stopped for a long time to help.

"We wish the experienced and very well-equipped walker a swift recovery from his injuries and hope to see him back on the fells soon."