A RUGBY supporter has been banned from Whitehaven games after verbally abusing a referee.

Whitehaven Rugby League announced an individual had been banned from attending home and away games following the incident at Sunday’s match against Barrow at home.

The club is also appealing for information on a separate incident at the same game in which one of the touch judges was subjected to homophobic abuse.

A spokesperson for Whitehaven Rugby League said: “We can confirm the club have been cited for a person verbally abusing the ref. The person in question has been brought in for a chat and has been banned for a period of time from attending home and away games.

“One of the touch judges was also subjected to homophobic abuse. The perpetrator of this abuse has not been identified but if anyone in attendance on the popular side has knowledge of who it was then the Board of Directors would appreciate information.

“We appreciate fans can get emotional at certain aspects of the game but we as a Board cannot condone such behaviour.

“The Club are currently meeting all challenges thrown our way but this is an unnecessary event to have to deal with, and severely damages our reputation as a club. Events like this also impact on our sponsors and potential sponsors. Thankyou for your understanding on this matter.”