THE owner of a doggy daycare centre is providing a safe space for XL bully owners to bring their dogs and enjoy time without a muzzle or lead.

Let’s Go Walkies and Daycare based at Ennerdale Mill in Egremont has introduced private sessions for owners of the now banned breed.

As of February 1 it is a criminal offence to own an XL bully dog in England and Wales without a Certificate of Exemption.

Rules introduced on December 31 made it illegal to breed, sell, or walk an XL bully in public without a lead and a muzzle.

Hannah Eldon, who owns Let’s Go Walkies and Daycare, decided to offer her services after being approached by Dean Wroe, who owns three XL bullys and needed help walking them.

Whitehaven News: XL bully dogs enjoying the play equipmentXL bully dogs enjoying the play equipment (Image: Submitted)

At the time, Hannah didn't have the correct insurance to cover the breed and she began thinking of ways in which she could help owners of XL bullys and how the dogs could have muzzle and lead-free play time.

She said: “I contacted my insurance, Petplan, who explained what I'd now be covered for if I decided to take out the extra insurance. It was a no-brainer for me, and I went ahead.

“That same morning, I contacted Dean, and he brought down his three XL bullys as well as his other two dogs. They were able to have fun in a safe space with no muzzle or lead.

“Since then, I advertised the private sessions on my business Facebook page and have had a great response from people.”

Whitehaven News: Tyson, Coco, Dekota, Bella and Cindy enjoy their private play session at the centreTyson, Coco, Dekota, Bella and Cindy enjoy their private play session at the centre (Image: Submitted)

Hannah said XL bullys should be able to ‘express themselves freely’ and believes her doggy daycare centre is the ideal environment for this.

She said: “I know from customer feedback that they almost feel embarrassed having to now walk their dog down the road with a muzzle on. They get lots of looks.

“They won't have that in the daycare. It's their space for that hour with no judgements from anybody.

“Unfortunately, society has made our perceptions of this breed frowned upon. It's really not fair.

“If you have a responsible owner that breeds properly, then this shouldn't have ever had to happen. The bad breeders should have been the ones who are punished, not the poor innocent dogs.”

Whitehaven News: An XL bully dog explores the toys at the daycare centreAn XL bully dog explores the toys at the daycare centre (Image: Submitted)

Hannah requires owners to provide proof of a Certificate of Exemption for each XL Bully that enters the building and the dogs must be muzzled in the car park and have a lead on. Once the dogs are in the building, they can be removed.

The doors will be locked so no members of the public can enter, and it's 60 minutes of ‘hassle-free fun’ for the owners and their dogs.

Let’s Go Walkies and Daycare is also offering 15 per cent off to new customers on a full day booking. Visit the daycare centre for more details.