After Daniel Craig retired his 00 license in 2021's blockbuster No Time to Die, speculation surrounding the next James Bond film has been rife.

When's the next film going to be? Who's going to be the next James Bond? But more importantly, where is the next James Bond film going to be set?

The film franchise, based on Ian Fleming's novels, has dominated the global box office for over 60 years.

And now, according to Coniston Boating Centre, Eon producers should look no further than Cumbria's Lake District.

Could we about to see a Barbour-clad villain bellowing: "Bond, I swear I ain't done owt lad," from a car window during a Honister Pass car chase? Well, we can only hope.

This is how the next James Bond film could look if it was to be set in the Lake District.

How James Bond would look in the Lake District

A boat chase on Coniston Water

Coniston Boating Centre posted on their site: "Found in the western lakes, and still relatively untouched by tourism, the wilderness of the Coniston valley shouts ‘James Bond location’. Picture Bond being chased up the lake, the camera pans out and the Old Man of Coniston fills the shot, with the Langdale Pikes standing tall beyond, are you there?

"Imagine the same scene in the winter when the snow-topped mountains glisten in the sun, they are enough to challenge any alpine location. Coniston Water also comes with a pedigree similar to 007 himself; as the home of Bluebird, the lake is used to high-speed chases throughout the years, right up until today with the annual speed week."

A nail-biting car chase through the Honister Pass

"Amazing cars are synonymous with James Bond, every film lives or dies by its car chase. We have plenty of stunning mountain passes in the Lake District which would be perfect for that memorable scene, but we’ve chosen the Honister Pass for the next Bond.

"Picture this, a secret meeting in the slate mine unearths the next criminal mastermind who must be stopped, cue the car chase… Bond chases the villain down the slate tracks and onto the road, they take a left and pass through the iconic Honister Statues, the chase carries on down the windy roads; be careful not to end up in the river James!

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A house to die for

"We all know how well connected Mr Bond is, whether it’s a beautiful estate in Scotland or a stunning mansion in the Italian lakes, every Bond film features amazing buildings. If it’s a British stately home he’s after then look no further than Silverholme on the Graythwaite Estate.

"This Georgian manor house sits on the shores of Lake Windermere, with a driveway fit for his Aston Martin, enough grounds for his helicopter to land and a boat house for his speed boat, we believe James Bond would be quite comfortable here.

"Perhaps 007 is looking for a hiding place after escaping the villains on the Honister pass? We’d recommend The Boathouse on the Lingholm Estate. Right on the shores of Derwent water, he can see his enemies coming from afar, and with dense woodland on the other side, there are plenty of opportunities to escape."

Where else in the Lake District could make an appearance in the next James Bond film? Let us know in the comments.