THERE are 80 homes in Whitehaven without power after an "unexpected incident" on the high voltage cable that supplies electricity to homes and businesses.

The power cuts were first reported at 1.14pm, Electricity North West are currently on site trying to resolve the issue.

At this time, the estimated time of restoration is 7pm tonight (Jan 11).

The post codes affected by the power cut are:

CA28 9JN, CA28 9SD, CA28 9HE, CA28 9DH, CA28 9QX, CA28 9LB, CA28 9DQ, CA28 9JT, CA28 9SA, CA28 9HZ, CA28 9QZ, CA28 9SG, CA28 9JZ, CA28 9BQ, CA28 9UB, CA28 9BP, CA28 9JL, CA28 9BW, CA28 9QT, CA28 9HN, CA28 9RD, CA28 9JU, CA28 9BN, CA28 9LA, CA28 9SF, CA28 9BY, CA28 9DE, CA28 9RA, CA28 9JB, CA28 9JX, CA28 9JW, CA28 9HS, CA28 9DG, CA28 9JS, CA28 9RE, CA28 9QU, CA28 9HU, CA28 9HT, CA28 9RF, CA28 9HX, CA28 9RB, CA28 9HW, CA28 9JA, CA28 9DN, CA28 9SB, CA28 9QY, CA28 9SH, CA28 9HR, CA28 9QJ, CA28 9DA, CA28 9HY

Electricity North West said on its website: "We didn't know before your electricity went off that this was going to happen but now we know, rest assured we will get your power back on safely and as quickly as possible."