KEEN racers in St Bees have gathered together to enjoy the annual Soap Box Derby. 

The event is organised by the community so that the people of the village can enjoy a bit of fun over Christmas time. 

Whitehaven News: Racers in fancy dressRacers in fancy dress (Image: The Queens)

In past years the Soap Box Derby was usually held on Boxing Day, however this year the date was changed to December 29, which the organisers are planning to keep the same for next year's race. 

The race sees groups of people from St Bees race through the streets of the village in karts wearing fancy dress. 

Whitehaven News: Racers stop off to get a shot Racers stop off to get a shot (Image: The Queens)

Along the way, they'll stop at checkpoints to have a drink, which is usually half a pint of lager, or a shot of something stronger. 

Nathan Lord, of The Queens Hotel, who helped to organise the event, said: "Myself, Lee Shackley, Charles Bagshaw, Claire Shackley, and Cassandra Sharpe helped to put the derby together. 

Whitehaven News: The winning teamThe winning team (Image: The Queens)

"The race had been held in the village for years but over time it came to an end, but then we thought we'd get it going again as it seemed to bring a lot of people to St Bees.

"We were right to think this as the village was so busy and the atmosphere was really good. 

Whitehaven News: People taking part in the race People taking part in the race (Image: The Queens)

"It's really just a fundraiser for the RNLI and a couple of other causes, in previous races it would go all the way down to the beach. 

"People get in fancy dress and start from the top of the village at the turning circle. 

Whitehaven News: The race begins The race begins (Image: The Queens)

"Stalls are laid out with drinks which are usually beer and shots, this year there were around eight stops. 

"Whilst racing through the village the teams have to stop for a drink and then carry on, one of the aims is that you can't be sick by the time you get to the bottom."

Whitehaven News: Racers dressed as farmyard animals Racers dressed as farmyard animals (Image: The Queens)

Nathan explained that this was the first year that under-18s were allowed to take part. 

However, at each stop, they were not given alcohol but rather shots of lemonade. 

Whitehaven News: Racers dressed as 118 characters Racers dressed as 118 characters (Image: The Queens)

A group of teenagers won this year's event dressed as Scooby Doo characters and their team name was 'The Meddling Kids."

The race managed to raise £1220 for charity.