A YOUTH theatre company will be hosting its production of Sister Act this weekend. 

A&B Stage School will be hosting the show on Saturday, January 6, and Sunday, January 7 at 2pm at The Solway Hall in Whitehaven. 

The play is based on the successful musical crime film Sister Act which was released in 1992. 

Due to the film's massive success, it went on to spawn a franchise, including a sequel and musical adaptions. 

Whitehaven News: One of the group performs as a nun One of the group performs as a nun (Image: Newsquest)

Since then, there have been numerous adaptions by theatre groups across the world and also a sequel to the original film. 

The Whitehaven-based theatre groups include children and teenagers of all ages taking part in the performance. 

Beth Clarke, co-owner of A&B Stage School, said: "I run the theatre school with my husband Alex Clarke, the production that we're doing is Sister Act Junior and is the story of a lady who gets caught up with some gangsters. 

Whitehaven News: The group on stage The group on stage (Image: Newsquest)

"They get her into some trouble, and she needs to hide out somewhere, and the perfect place for her to do this is a nunnery. 

"She goes there, and it isn't her thing, but after a while, she realises that she likes being a nun and teaches all the other nuns how to sing, they start a choir and raise lots of money. 

"They find out that she isn't a nun and get upset about it. In the end, she comes back, and they all become friends by learning each other's way of life. 

"All the children have loved it; we've done a big trip in May where we all went to Theatre by the Lake in Keswick to watch the production. 

"They had an amateur production on there and that helped them to get to know the story, characters, props, and costumes. 

"There's also the movie which some of them have watched, the music's fantastic as it's the same writers who've done a lot of the Disney musicals, so they've connected with a lot of the songs which has been great. 

"We cater to children from four years old right the way up to 18, there's a big age range and around 50 children take part."