WHITEHAVEN Theatre Group wowed once again in their pantomime production of Cinderella, combining the perfect amount of cheesiness with the genuine talent of the cast.

The script, written by Alex Jackson, contains jokes that will keep all audience members giggling away in their seats regardless of their age, with subtle adult gags that will fly over children's heads alongside jokes that will tickle the youngsters.

The cast show genuine raw talent within each of their roles.

Cassie McCluskey, who plays Cinderella, was stellar - her singing voice blew us away but did not take away from her great acting. Samantha Styles, who plays Prince Charming, and Louisa Morton who plays Dandini, shared a great on-stage friendship throughout and they worked together very well in their scenes. Their back and forth banter on-stage was great.

Whitehaven News: Samantha, Cassie and Ross played their roles perfectly!Samantha, Cassie and Ross played their roles perfectly! (Image: Dave Wilson)

Shaun Donald and Jim Morgan, who played Kim and Chloe, will give the audience a barrel of laughs throughout, even if you are the poor old guest picked on! Jodie Morgan who plays Buttons is fantastic, you really root for the character throughout.

The Fairy Godmother, played by Ross Bickerdike, was a fabulous fairy!

And although every member of the cast deserves a special mention - the show would not have been complete without Maynall Weir and Hayley Hodgson playing Baron and Baroness Hardup, Kayleigh Morgan as Miss Tutu and Grant Tebay being the perfect mayor - the children of the cast who played roles such as the bunnies and mice deserved a standing ovation.

Despite finishing touches before opening night, and the probable nerves, the children were amazing! They listened to all their instructions, and put on a great show, trying their hardest in the dances and reciting their lines perfectly!

From the many amazing outfits choices and the set decisions, Kayleigh Donald took the role of director and made the show a Cumbrian special!

Whitehaven News: The Barron had his hands full with his step-daughters Kim and Chloe!The Barron had his hands full with his step-daughters Kim and Chloe! (Image: Dave Wilson)

Choreographer Amy Morton also put together great dances for the panto, moves which suit everyone's abilities but also allowing those who are clearly dancers to shine.

The set, and those who helped make it, were amazing. The addition of the 'beautifier' was hilarious, and the pumpkin/carriage design was great.

And what’s a pantomime without audience participation? It would seem I caught Chloe’s eye, and was referred to as Bill throughout the production which made me laugh throughout!

Whitehaven News: The children gave stand-out performances within their rolesThe children gave stand-out performances within their roles (Image: Dave Wilson)

The show really was a great production. Everyone wowed in their roles, from the main characters to the chorus members who never faded into the background even during the key scenes. You can clearly see the effort and dedication that went into Cinderella.

Whitehaven Theatre Group's performance of Cinderella begins tonight (Tuesday) at Whitehaven Civic Hall and continues throughout the week. To grab tickets, visit their website.