LABOUR leader Keir Starmer has said that Cumbria is ‘central’ in the roadway to a Labour government – as the party announced a policy they claim will bring down energy bills across the county.

Keir Starmer pledged that Labour’s 'Better Off Plan' will cut household bills in Cumbria by up to £500 a year over the next decade through insulating all homes below EPC rated C.

The announcement comes as new figures from the Labour Party reveal that Cumbrian homes are some of the coldest in the UK.

Analysis of ONS data shows that the energy efficiency of Cumbrian homes lags way behind the national average, with two thirds of homes poorly insulated, meaning families pay the price through higher energy bills.

By giving local authorities the power to bring every home in their area up to standard, Labour says its warm homes plan will 'insulate 19 million cold, draughty homes across the country' so that families have 'cheaper energy bills and warm, future-proofed homes'.

The party claims the plan will not only cut bills for working people but will create over '200,000 good jobs in every part of the country', as well as 'up to 300,000 more indirect jobs', which they say will mean more builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and architects.

Speaking to the News & Star, Keir Starmer said: “By taking £500 off their bill every year, that is money back in their pockets year on year, so it’s not a one off £500, it’s year on year.

“As we go into October, November through until about March, April that’s the heaviest use, so that will be when there are the greatest savings for people in Cumbria.”

The Labour Party leader said that Cumbria was ‘very important’ in the Labour party’s quest for a win in next year’s general election, but said the party knows it will have to ‘earn every vote’ in the county.

Mr Starmer praised the Labour majority won in the Cumberland council elections last year. He said: “I came up to Workington just before that election and came obviously on the day because Cumberland was a very important victory for us.

“It’s very important (Cumbria in winning a general election) because there are many working people across Cumbria that we want to represent and give them a better government. I was very pleased with the result that we got in Cumberland last year.

“I came up for myself saw the team behind the campaign and had a walkaround in Workington town centre which was very positive. It is very important for us and is central to our roadway to a general election victory.

“I know we have to earn every vote in Cumbria and across the region, we will respectfully earn votes, we take absolutely nothing for granted and its by engaging with, listening to and putting in positive change for Cumbria on the map that is important for us.”