A FUNDRAISING page has been set up to help a toddler from West Cumbria with a rare brain and eye condition get the money he needs for vital treatment.

14-month-old Jude Jackson, from St Bees near Whitehaven, was diagnosed with nystagmus which is a condition effecting the eyes.

In January 2023, the brave toddler was also diagnosed with ASP, a rare brain condition effecting the structure of the brain, meaning the midline of Jude’s brain is not there.

Jude is currently being seen through services in West Cumbria, but 11 months after first being diagnosed with these symptoms Jude is yet to receive a defined diagnosis or treatment plan.

After being invited and spending a weekend at the guide dog family weekend, Jude’s parents had the opportunity to speak to a leading specialist based in Great Ormond Street Hospital. Not only does this doctor specialise in children specifically but also neuro-ophthalmology, nystagmus and strabismus.

Amazingly for Jude, this specific doctor asked to see him within days of reaching out.

Unfortunately, to the heartbreak of Jude’s parents, this is an offer they have been unable to accept.

The goal is to still get Jude the correct diagnosis and treatment plan, however the cost of medical treatment and travel has caused a barrier to the process, they said.

A fundraising page has been set up by friends of Jude's family aims to get Jude to London where he has the specialist waiting for him and a great support team within Guide Dogs and Great Ormond Street Hospital on November 24.

Jude's parent Kate and Dion Jackson have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of help for their little boy who they say they are 'very proud of'.

Jude's mum Kate, said: "We never wanted to be the takers, we always wanted Jude’s story to be of raising awareness and giving and positivity.

"We never wanted him to come across as a 'charity' but we appreciate how much support we have and how much our family and friends care about supporting us as parents, as well as Jude to do this for us and remove another big worry that was upon us.

"We are so grateful for the opportunity we’ve been giving to have Jude seen by the best."

To donate to the fundraising page you can click here.